Earning Pigeon Points

What are Pigeon Points?

Pigeon Points are a virtual currency that you can earn by using Golf Pigeon. Think of them like frequent flyer miles or rewards points. As we keep adding features and sections to the site, there will be more ways to cash in the Pigeon Points you earn for entry into special giveaways, games, contests, and even free gear! All that...just for hanging out on the best golf site around!

Here are some of the ways you can earn Pigeon Points to enter contests, events and games like Fantasy 5 on Golf Pigeon:

Play Fantasy 5:

Some weeks, Fantasy 5 will feature a prize that you can win & will require a Pigeon Point buy-in. Other weeks, we offer you the chance to win a large lump sum of points to stock up your reserves for future contests & events that require Pigeon Points to enter.

Click Here to Play Fantasy 5

Earn Daily Pigeon Points:

Max Points Per Day: 1,595
  • Following another User: 5 points (max 50 points per day)
  • Clicking through an interesting Ad: 20 points (max 400 points per day)
    • Don't worry, we aren't charging our advertisers based on the number of clicks they get!
  • Reading a News Article: 5 points (max 125 points per day)
  • Visiting a page: 1 point (max 50 points per day)
  • Posting a Comment: 18 points (max 450 points each per day)
  • Posting a Status: 12 points (max 120 points each per day)
  • Uploading a Picture: 5 points (max 50 points per day)
  • Watching a Video: 2 points (max 100 points per day)
  • Voting in a Poll: 10 points (max 250 points per day - number of polls may vary)

  • Creating your Golf Pigeon account: 1,000 points (one time)

We'll be adding more ways to earn (and spend) Pigeon Points in the future, so keep exploring the site!