How to Play

Want to find out how to play Fantasy 5 on Golf Pigeon? You're in the right place!

Welcome to Golf Pigeon's spin on fantasy golf! We wanted to create something that all golfers could jump right into and have a good time playing, regardless of their computer/fantasy sports experience level.

Fantasy 5 is currently in BETA mode, which means we might be changing and tweaking things from week to week.

Your goal is to pick the best team of golfers (based on total strokes) each week. Each tournament field is divided into groups for picking, which are preselected by Golf Pigeon to keep the field diverse.

How to Play

  • You must have a Golf Pigeon account. You can create one here.

  • Once you're logged in, check the Fantasy 5 page for currently available tournaments.
    • You must have your picks for a tournament chosen & locked in before the countdown on the tournament page hits zero! If you don't have your picks locked in by then, you can't play that week. Usually the countdown will end just before play begins, but always be sure to double check the timer so you don't miss out!

  • It costs Pigeon Points to buy in to each Fantasy 5 event. The points required to enter will be listed on the Fantasy 5 page. Not sure how to earn Pigeon Points? Click Here after you've finished reading how to play.
    • Prizes & entry cost for Fantasy 5 may vary from week to week.

  • You will be able to choose a team of five golfers in each tournament. Your team includes:
    • 1 golfer from Group A
    • 2 golfers from Group B
    • 2 golfers from Group C

  • If any of your players are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, they will receive a bonus as long as they remain in that position. Just look at the leaderboard to see which players are receiving a bonus - their names will be a different color than the rest.
    • Bonuses are based on the current score of the golfer in first place. The golfer in first place receives 100% of the bonus, second place receives 50%, and third place receives 25%. The bonus will be subtracted from these golfer's strokes, giving your team an advantage if you pick wisely!

  • Scoring of teams is based on the total strokes of each golfer.

  • The user whose team has the lowest overall score wins!

  • Tiebreakers are determined by whichever user locked in their team first - so make your picks early!

  • How do we handle scoring for players cut during the tournament? That's easy! We look at the golfer with the highest number of strokes who's still active, then add a penalty to that number. That way, you just might be able to come back from having a player of yours cut if the rest of your team is doing excellent!

  • How do we handle scoring for players who withdraw just before or during the tournament? We apply the same process used for cut golfers: taking the highest-stroke-count player who is still active & adding a penalty to that number. Sometimes Fantasy 5 scores may not immediately update to reflect when this happens, but rest assured all scores will be correctly and accurately tallied up by the end of the tournament.

Prize Shipments

  • Prize shipments can only be made to addresses in the continental United States. All contestants outside of the continental United States will have the option to pick a continental United States mailing address or to forfeit their prize which will then be awarded to another contestant. Prizes will be forfeited if a response to our email notification is not received within 72 hours.