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Welcome to Fantasy 5

The Quick Run Down:
Fantasy 5 is Golf Pigeon's spin on Fantasy Golf & was designed to be a fun, FREE & easy way to enjoy the pro golf tournaments each week while having a lighthearted competition between friends. Each week, you'll pick a total of 5 players from 3 pre-selected groups. The person whose team has the lowest score wins!

Each tournament has a buy-in of "Pigeon Points" (usually between 500-1000) which are essentially credits you earn simply by using the site & cost you absolutely nothing. Winners receive Pigeon Points as a prize to stock their reserves to enter future events & contests on Golf Pigeon, but occasionally golf loot will be up for grabs instead! Prize & Buy-in info varies & will announced under each week's tournament info.

CLICK HERE for more details on how Fantasy 5 works including rules, scoring & other info.
New to Golf Pigeon?
If you are new to Golf Pigeon & are entering Fantasy 5 for the first time, don't worry! You receive 1,000 Pigeon Points automatically when you sign up! BUT, remember, you'll need to stock up your Pigeon Points ahead of time each week to play future Fantasy 5 events.

CLICK HERE for tips on how to earn your Pigeon Points each week to play.